The Art of Silver

Boutique Jeweller & Art Gallery

The Art of Silver is situated in the heart of the small diamond mining village of Cullinan only 60 minutes drive from Johannesburg or Pretoria. 

The main road is Oak Avenue and The Art of Silver is only 20 meters away from the famous Cullinan Diamond Mine's entrance.

The Art of Silver is a combination of jewellery and art which makes for an unique experience everytime you visit us.

We custom design luxury jewellery and manufacture in gold, platinum and silver.

We present monthly art exhibits of renowned local South African artists, up and coming artists and the old SA Masters.

Our shop is located in one of the original mine cottages that used to house the mines workers. The stone used to construct these houses were quarried in the area by Sir Thomas Cullinan. These cottages house a variety of small businesses today and are considered heritage buildings as they are over 100 years old. 

The Art of Silver opened its doors in 2011 and is well known for its unique concept of combining jewellery and art.